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over 3 years ago

Meet the EOSIO Challenge Winner!

Following months of hard work, spirited collaboration and many innovative submissions, a winning solution has been named. 

Congratulations to Syed Jafri, developer of eosio.evm, for winning the EOSIO Challenge! The solution addresses blockchain interoperability and helps to expand blockchain availability. 

The winning solution will remain open-sourced as a developer tool, and we welcome you to test it out. And while the challenge has ended, you don’t have to stop developing. Wisdom lies within our communities and we will continue to offer new opportunities. Check out our ongoing hackathons and challenges and put your skills to the test.  

And if you thought the EOSIO Challenge was fun, you can always find the latest community-based competitions and hackathons hosted by at, access to the latest tools and resources at the EOSIO Developer Portal, or join the team and help make blockchain work for humanity.

We’d also appreciate it if you could please fill out a brief survey on your experience working on the EOSIO Challenge. 

Thanks and keep building! 


Devpost Team