Required tool information
Optional video demo topics

A video demo is not required but highly encouraged. Helpful topics include:

  • Walkthrough of new account creation from an EOSIO account
  • Walkthrough of deploying an EVM contract
  • Walkthrough of depositing EOSIO tokens, interacting with an EVM contract and withdrawing balance.
  • Join the Slack channel to find teams, ask questions, and collaborate.

Challenge Dates

Submission Period

Start: February 3, 2020

End: February 3, 2021 at 5PM EST unless solved earlier

Judging / Testing

Approximately every three months during and for some time after the Submission Period.

Winner Announced

Within one month after a winner has been confirmed (which may be during or after the Submission Period).

  • The Challenge may close before the stated Submission Period end date.
    • The Submission Period will close if a prize winner has been announced.
    • The Poster reserves the right to close the Submission Period before the stated end date.
  • Judging of submissions will occur throughout the duration of the Submission Period and will conclude when a winner has been confirmed OR when the Challenge ends without a winner being confirmed. 

Important Notice

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